Landlords ‘keen on portfolio expansion’
This is my site Written by Neal on 19/12/2011 – 12:18 pm

Letting agents may have agree with one specialist’s comments that many landlords are keen to expand their portfolios.

According to private rented sector expert at David Lawrenson, most investors are “confident” about increasing their housing “empire”.

“On the whole, landlords know what they are doing and they are quite confident moving forward and the rising rents that we are seeing will only make them more so,” he stated.

It was suggested more property is set to come on the market and this will help ease the current trend of demand for rental homes outstripping the number of abodes available.

Mr Lawrenson explained how landlords can in some cases afford to be picky about who they have as tenants as there are a lot of people looking to rent.

Sales director at WMP Group Daniel Cox recently claimed more and more families are looking to become tenants, with renting no longer just the domain of couples and young professionals.


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